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Sat, Nov 04


mobile location, check the link below


by Cynthia Leung. A hammock or a rocking chair? Inspired by a leaf and a fishing boat, this installation is for you to take a moment of rest and appreciate the soothing sway by the sea. S'way is mobile: bring it to your favorite spot. Then, let others enjoy it too, and carry it around the island...


Time & Location

Nov 04, 2023, 10:00 AM – Nov 26, 2023, 6:00 PM

mobile location, check the link below, Cheung Chau, Hong Kong

About the event

A leaf falls, swiftly swings in the air, and lands. Such a seemingly useless gesture of Nature, yet tremendously significant to the cycle of life. It dies, degrades, and gives nutrients to maternity again. Lengthy time of degradation feeds its pollination partners, nurtures the soil and shields its roots from dehydration.

The rafts that gently rock on shimmering glitters, embark daily lives of the Islanders. The familiarly recognisable, simple yet sophisticatedly built structure has been proven to be efficient through centuries of sailing in the sea. It provides a vessel for earning, embodies everyday events and records the evolution of the industry.

These are seemingly useless gestures but indeed useful every day. Poetic while silently functional.

The artwork, 'S’way', is an interactive installation designed to offer a moment of tranquility for the Islanders. This piece conjures up the youthful days of my father and uncles, creating an abstract collage that captures their perspective of the fishing boats swaying back to the island's shore and the collection of fisheries, a crucial ingredient for their soy sauce trade. 

Echoing the simplistic elegance of a leaf or a boat, the piece takes on the dual functionality of a hammock and a rocking chair. 'S’way' aims to revitalize traditional boat-crafting techniques, taking form from materials that were traditionally used but are now discarded: timber for the frame; repurposed nylon threads for the cradle; and idle hands for weaving. This installation intends to be flexible to rearrange, foldable for storage and fashionable as a sculpture to various context.

This is a moving installation. Track S'way here! Carry it around and bring it to the place you enjoy!

About the artist:

Cynthia Leung is an architectural designer who has studied and practised in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Munich, and Oslo. To her, architecture and arts are vessels for existential remembrances and collective activities; tools to reveal hidden agenda in given contexts, responses to current social issues that spark creative possibilities.  She hopes to work as a synthesis of an architect, a thinker, and a practical artist, who enchains intangible ideologies to tangible reality. Engaged in research, teaching, exhibitions, and various built projects, she is also one of the awardees of the Design for Asia Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

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