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5+2's STUDIO

5+2 is my nickname since I was 5. My real name is Ng Ka You and the pronunciation in Cantonese sounds similar (You know kids just love putting nickname). Plus, this is my studio, so 5+2’s STUDIO, simple as that. If you wanna know more, come visit :)

Visit 5+2 during: 




Baba’s is a community platform created by siblings Matt & Bex Teague. The wellness events they organise help to foster collective healing and connection between individuals and nature. The ‘pay-as-you-feel’ model makes the events affordable and accessible to everyone.

Join Baba's at:

Community Yoga, Movement, Breathwork & Brunch - In the Jungle



C+dou is a children art teacher who loves nature and enjoys playing and using various media and forms to make visual artwork. Let's discover the beautiful things in life together.

Join C+dou for:

Beware of Cattle: A Storytelling and Art Workshop


Ching Yee

Ching Yee is currently a Research Assistant at the Science Unit of Lingnan University. She specialises in urban ecology, community ecology, entomology, and is greatly interested in biodiversity conservation research.

Ching Yee participated to: Island Bee & Bee

And you can join her for: Island Bee & Bee: Follow Bee! Peng Chau


Cynthia Leung

Cynthia is an architectural designer who has studied and practised in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Munich, and Oslo. To her, architecture and arts are vessels for existential remembrances and collective activities; tools to reveal hidden agenda in given contexts, responses to current social issues that spark creative possibilities. She hopes to work as a synthesis of an architect, a thinker, and a practical artist, who enchains intangible ideologies to tangible reality. Engaged in research, teaching, exhibitions, and various built projects, she is also one of the awardees of the Design for Asia Hong Kong Young Design Talent Award.

Cynthia designed:



Dominic Johnson-Hill

Dominic Johnson-Hill is an artist, entrepreneur and TV host who spent 30 years in Beijing, where he founded his street wear brand and agency Plastered 8. He now lives and creates in Mui Wo/Wang Tong where he founded the Wang Tong Art Walk out door gallery. Dominic has collaborated with artists from all over the world, creating his own unique playful pop art aesthetic. He loves celebrating the ridiculous and prides himself on being impulsive and immature.

Synchronized Revolution:


Dynamic Equilibrium Tai Chi

With the guidance of four Tai Chi grandmasters, Master Lisa Tsang has been teaching Tai Chi for more than two decades. She started teaching the Chen-style Tai Chi in Mui Wo since 2020, showing her students how the authentic method of Tai Chi could improve our body and mind by balancing the yin and yang.


Free Your Mind with Taichi Practice


Elizabeth Briel

Elizabeth Briel’s prints, paintings and installations begin with materials imbued with meaning – papers made of military uniforms or trees devastated by a typhoon, paints extracted from bone and lead – and frequently incorporate architectural elements. 

She received a BFA in Painting from the University of Minnesota and has been awarded fellowships and residencies from China Exploration and Research Society, Universiti Sains Malaysia, and Grabart (Barcelona). 

Briel has lived, worked and travelled in Hong Kong since 2006, where she runs EBriel Studio in Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre (JCCAC).




Feaston est. 2019 is a collective from Hong Kong. They run a brand under the same name as an intervention into pop culture and a critique of contemporary society. The brand conducts expeditions into various scenes including, but not limited to fashion, sport, startup culture and underground music. Deconstructing and juxtaposing anything that comes their way, they produce merchandise that offer new perspectives to the public.  

visit: for more...

Their works and performances have been exhibited internationally on IG (@feaston96) and have made appearances at Lane Crawford, 20alpha, The Catalyst, Doors & Fours, Rossi & Rossi, Haptic Collision, Tai Kwun Contemporary, Para Site and the prestigious Kingsford Industrial Centre.

Nelson Hiu and Feaston: Live experimental improvisation


Gigi Tang

Gigi Tang: Born in 1997, a cross-media creator, writer and scriptwriter who grew up by the sea, and tries to be alive every day.

Meet Gigi at 'Beyond the Shore' (Peng Chau version) - Dialogue

and watch her perform at: 'Beyond the Shore' (Peng Chau version) - Performance


Harmony Li

Harmony (dimdimmama) is a local Cheung Chau-er. She started to record local stories more than 10 years ago. Now, as the mum of two daughters Amelie and Averie, she enjoys bringing storybooks to the community to share with children on the island.

Come (with your kids) meet Harmony at:

The Best Sound in the World: book sharing and sound walk


Islanders space

Islanders space is a collective space that aims at developing connections amongst the island and support the development of commonings practices.


Bookclub--Ways of Being Alive


Jiming Lu

Graduated from the University of Nantes in France, Jiming holds a Master of Arts in Discourse Analyse with a Minor in theatre. She now works as an independent curator and writer. She curated exhibitions include 'Memories in a Misty Day’, 'Rebellion of Notes’, ‘Fleur de la Douleur’; and published ‘Fleur de la Douleur’.

Visit Jiming's exhibition: My path to Peng Chau Cinema 

Join her during: Inter-Island Festival Tour: Island Narrative


Kanu Fung, Deer Lok, Sonic Lee & Mary Jan

Having recently moved into Mui Wo, we have a deep respect for its culture and people. With a three-dimensional map, we could participate more or even contribute to the development of this beautiful hidden gem.

Discover their work:

Mui Wo Time Portal


Lantau Connects

A community paper for Lantau founded in 2020 with care for Lantau Island and its people. The paper covers current issues, lifestyle, humanities and art, and rural politics.


Oh! My Mui Wo


Liane Mah

Liane Mah (she/her) is a movement artist whose work is based on ecological art practices which explores the rich intersection between embodied practice, environmental philosophy, and ecological thinking. She is interested in experiencing the animacy of matter through the human body as an indeterminate defining surface of metamorphosis and exchange. Her work is informed by land-based practices rooted in deep listening and affective relating, and seeks to attend to relational work in communities through empowering collective embodied responses. As a creative explorer straddling between cultures and places, she is inspired to engage in emergent processes and spaces that explores decolonial approaches to ecology, land, knowledge sharing and solidarity.

She is currently studying a master’s program with Schumacher College (UK) in “Movement, Mind, Ecology”, and building a centre for the healing arts within the framework of regenerative design and sustainable living on an outlying island in Hong Kong. 

Join Liane at:


Miko Yeung

Moving to Pui O from town 8 years ago, Miko learns the new way of neighbourhood relationship, community participation and living style in rural areas. She often comes to Chi Ma Wan for walking dogs and wishes to show people around Chi Ma Wan as a resident.

Join Miko for:


Myriem Alnet

Myriem is one of the organiser of the Inter-Island Festival. She's lived on Peng Chau for 6 years, co-runs Islanders space and collaborates on several kid-oriented works like the Peng Chau Toy Library.

Join Myriem for:

Inter-Island Festival Tour: Who are my neighbours?


One City One Book Hong Kong

One City One Book Hong Kong is a community reading initiative by The Department of Literature and Cultural Studies, EdUHK. Each year, we encourage as many people as possible to read and discuss a featured book. Our aim is to promote literature, reading, and civic engagement.

One City One Book will host:


Pause Health & Wellness

Pause is a health and wellness hub with wellbeing for all ages. We offer a wide variety of holistic treatments and movement practices to encourage healthy lifestyle.

Join Pause's activities:

We are all connected : let’s move & breathe as 1

Contact Improvisation Workshop

Island Art Screening


Right Noise Limited

Right Noise is an advertising-based agency dedicated to creating a positive impact in the community through regional revitalisation. By connecting stakeholders and local resources, We strive towards the values of traditional craftsmanship, community cooperation and civic engagement by creative advertising and design.

Right Noise created for you:

Take a seat: Yau Fu

Take a seat: Peng Chau Mahjong


Shelly Cox

Shelly Cox is a harper and singer who comes from Limerick City, Ireland. She has been living in Hong Kong for the past 11 years and moved to Lantau in November 2021. An international primary school teacher by profession, Shelly has always enjoyed the opportunity to sing and play wherever she has lived and travelled from Europe to Australia to South America to Asia. In Hong Kong, she has performed with the choir Celtic Connections for The Consulate General of Hong Kong and Macau as well as other events. Shelly has been inspired by the peace, tranquillity and beauty of Lantau which has rekindled her artistic spark.

Come listen to Shelly:

Vibe Music - Shelly Cox


The Gong Strikes One

Founded in 2012, The Gong Strikes One specialises in traditional Chinese operatic music while exploring different performance settings of the genre.

The Gong Strikes One will perform during:

Rhythms of the Inter-Island (Performance)


Tony Fung

Tony is a Peng Chau resident and the convenor of “Peng Chau Reclamation Concern Group”.

You will meet Tony at:

Oh Coral!


Virginia Chu Sau-man

Virginia Chu is Taiko drummer, actress and a vocalist.

Virginia will perform at:

On the way home with ferry


Winnie the Farm

A leisure farm located in Mui Wo, Winnie the Farm promotes the local agriculture by organising farming experience courses for visitors. Visitors can also purchase organic produce. 

Join Winnie the Farm for:

'Treasure' Hunt


Yam Gong

Born in Hong Kong, Yam Gong began writing poetry in the 1970s. He has received the Hong Kong Youth Literature Award (1983) and the Workers’ Literature Award (1982; 1984), and, in 1998, he received the Hong Kong Biennial Award for Chinese Literature for his first book And So You Look at Festival Lights along the Street (1997). In 1987, he co-founded the poetry magazine One-Ninth and was involved in editing the first few issues. He has presented his work at various literary festivals, such as the International Poetry Nights in Hong Kong, the Macau Literary Festival, and the Taipei Poetry Festival, among others.

Join Yam Gong for:

Poems on the ferry



wknd is a Hong Kong social enterprise creating and managing holistic well-being experiences since 2013. 

FB: wkndhongkong 

IG : wkndhk


wknd Night Market - living in harmony with island nature


Alysa Leung

Alysa Leung graduated from Utrecht University (2021-2022) with an M.A. in Contemporary theatre, dance and dramaturgy. Leung is an artist and dramaturg based in Hong Kong, who researches the connections among city, body, and self-identity with solo and community arts.

Meet Alysa at 'Beyond the Shore' (Peng Chau version) - Dialogue

and watch her performance: 'Beyond the Shore' (Peng Chau version) - Performance


Brian Lee & Eva Leung

Brian Lee and Eva Leung are passionate about different social-orientated and design projects. They give full play to their strengths, disassemble and change viewpoints and angles in various creative ways, and explore the other side of the city together with others.

Brian and Eva designed:

Inner Hearing of Island


Cat Chen Yi

Cat Chen Yanyi is the event planner of One City One Book Hong Kong, a community reading initiative, and an independent scholar interested in artists’ life-writing. Apart from her academic pursuit, she enjoys learning crafts, and is now studying puppetry and expressive art therapy (PAPT). She also has a habit of collecting and weaving stories. (Instagram: summercatchan)


Chow Yik-lam

Chow Yik Lam (b. 1992 in Hong Kong), has published Sunset Siesta, The hole opened by kids and A Tunnel With No Cars.

Join Ah Lam for:

Poems on the ferry


Daisann McLane

Daisann is a writer and journalist originally from New York City, who has lived in Hong Kong for 18 years and in Peng Chau for 5. She was the founder of the local walking tour company Little Adventures in Hong Kong.

Join Daisann for:

Hiking into the Past: Pirates, Pottery, and a Path to the Sea


Dr Eduardo F. Freyre & May Ling Chan

Eduardo F. Freyre: Ex-Professor Emeritus, Agricultural University of Havana, Cuba  

May Ling Chan: Ex-researcher in ecological agriculture in Cuba

Join Freyre and May Ling for:

'Treasure' Hunt



Eliza Wan from E.N. Workshop is an E-RYT500 yoga training instructor certified by YOGA ALLIANCE, and a certified tuning fork therapist. She combines the tuning forks and tubular bells with yoga to help participants to feel the flow of breath and relax from the stress of the city life.


Healing Yoga Flow with Lantau Sound Bath


Eric Liu

Eric, a local who outlives the British colonisation, spent over 10 years in the world of city exploration upon his graduation, when he stumbled upon some glorious images of various abandoned sites in Hong Kong online. The changes that time brings to these sites in different eras are what Eric strives to capture, before they go down in history. That’s why he always keeps his camera handy, snapping whatever he sees fit, trusting these ordinary photos will be archivally valued one day.

Join Eric for:

Urbex on Cheung Chau


Flora Yiu

Flora Yiu is an art administrator who is experienced in curating cultural events. She has a natural curiosity for people and a penchant for conversations. She particularly cherishes the exchange between individuals. In recent years, some friends of her have moved to Cheung Chau, and Flora began to explore the stories surrounding the island and its inhabitants. In their words, there exists a tangible but indistinct notion of a happy life.

Join Flora for:

Utopia Above the Water


Green Green Soap

Started in spring 2013 in an old house located in the lanes of Peng Chau island, Green Green soap is a natural product studio. The studio makes soaps, body care and household products with natural ingredients, notably sourced in Peng Chau, with the aim of promoting slow living, the culture of a non-toxic home.

Meet Green Green Soap for:

The Time Story of a Cup of Tea


Island Studies Network (HK)

ISNHK will serve as a platform to enable knowledge and practice exchange among members and the public, both regionally and inter-regionally. We embrace all kinds of academic scrutiny, social innovation, technological experiment as well as creative praxis as a way of knowledge production about or via the island. 

By standing in Hong Kong, a place surrounded by water connecting to the world, the Network will be a bridge for us all to link up with other interested parties, both regionally and inter-regionally, to open up a new horizon for island studies.

Visit: A Tango with Kaito — a love triangle between kaito, island and humans

Join: Conversation: Island Life and Ferry


Jason Gu Jiacheng

Born in 1998 in Shanghai, Gu Jiacheng graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Master of Architecture degree in 2023. Focusing on the collective memory of communities, he reveals the changes of space in time through works of installation and film.

Discover Together in Time: Cheung Chau Theatre Collective Archive during:


Joanne Chan

Joanne Chan is an Architect living in Mui Wo. She is interested in the patterns and disruptions of the 21st century- environmental imperative.

Joanne co-created: Situating Circatidal


Kit Chan

One of the organisers of Inter-island Festival, he has lived on Peng Chau for nearly 10 years. He founded Islanders zine and runs Islanders Space on Peng Chau.

Join Kit for: 

Inter-Island Festival Tour: Peng Chau


Lantau Shanto Studio

Lantau Shanto Studio is a home-studio embraced by the foothills of Lantau and accompanied by the clear stream that flows to the east into the Milky Way (Silver River in Mui Wo). Group members have gradually moved from the city to the countryside, relearning to live with nature. Creating with wild clay and bamboo found in the neighborhood, unfolding stories rooted in the earth.

Lantau Shanto Studio co-created: Island Bee & Bee

Join them for: Island Bee & Bee: Follow Bee! Mui Wo


Lingling Lee

Lingling Lee is a Pansori Living Sound therapist, a vocalist, improviser and performer.

Lingling will perform at:

On the way home with ferry


Miriam Lee

Miriam Lee grows up in Hong Kong, and her family are Tankas who have lived on boats in Causeway Bay for centuries. She has been an avid traveller and has worked on all seven continents of the world. She is now a research associate at the School of Architecture of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, specialising in rural landscape and built heritage conservation.

Join Miriam for:

The Seaward Journey — Tracing Family Roots & Stories


Nelson Hiu

Nelson Hiu born and raised in Hawaii studied ethnomusicology at the university of Hawaii. He has worked as a dance accompanist and participated in a wide variety of sound making situations from free improvisation to noise punk reggae jazz ethno post folk and structured academic chance happenings. A new chapter has begun.

Nelson Hiu and Feaston: Live experimental improvisation


Otto Heim

Originally from Switzerland, Otto Heim has been teaching in the School of English at HKU since 2001. His research interests focus on writing from the Pacific, or Oceania, specifically poetry and performance, and on small island cultures more generally. He has served on the editorial boards of the Island Studies Journal and Shima has organized several island-themed conferences at HKU, including the second Island Cities and Urban Archipelagos conference in 2016, and the symposium The Space Between: Creativity, Performance and Impact in Contemporary Island Societies in 2018.

Otto is behind: 


Praya Art Space

Praya Art Space is a unique industrial building facing the port of Cheung Chau. For the past decade, it is the space of creation for painters, sculptors, musicians and designers. The place performs as a gallery for Cheung Chau artists as well as great space for larger group shows and events.

Praya Art Space hosts:

In TUNE?' Painting, Photography and Sculpture 

Stamping and other graphical techniques 



Roger Lee

Roger Lee is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Science Unit of Lingnan University. He is an urban ecologist with broad interest in community ecology, entomology and biodiversity conservation.

Roger co-created: Island Bee & Bee

And you can meet him at: Island Bee & Bee: Follow Bee! Mui Wo


So Wai-lam

So Wai-lam moved to Cheung Chau a few years ago. She mostly works on illustration and graphic design. Her works concentrate on observing, listening and illustrating daily life, through which she could learn about the place she lives in.

So Wai-lam is behind:

Sound Translator - Cheung Chau

The Best Sound in the World: book sharing and sound walk


Tidus Shing

Tidus is an award-winning architectural educator and social advocate passionate about narrative design. Tidus is a master and bachelor studio leader of university architecture course. He is the co-host of the weekly architectural podcast ArchipodcastHK. He collaborated with the HKSZ Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture and deTour and has been involved in various curation and publications locally and internationally.

Tidus co-created:

Island Synchronisation


Trista Ma

Trista Ma: Trista lives in Peng Chau and Tokyo, she is a visual artist, film maker and performer.

Meet Trista at:

Join our furry friends on their Peng Chau adventures



WWF is a leading global conservation organization, with a network active in more than 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF-Hong Kong has been working since 1981 to deliver solutions for a living planet through conservation, footprint and education programmes, with the aim of transforming Hong Kong into Asia’s most sustainable city. 

For more information, please visit:

Watch WWF's Sea of Noise at:

Sea of Noise - Cheung Chau screening

Sea of Noise - Mui Wo screening


Wong Yik-fung

Wong Yik-fung is a documentary director born in the 1990s who loves to teach photography, look at plants, run in the mountains, and gossip around. He is currently studying for a master's degree in Anthropology.

Yik-fung is behind:

Life Recorded: Short Films Screening


Yip Kai-chun

Yip Kai-chun is one of the organisers of Inter-island Festival. He has lived on Peng Chau for 6 years.

Join Ah Chun for:

Inter-Island Festival Tour: Cheung Chau


渡日書店 to-day bookstore

To-day bookstore is an independent bookstore on Cheung Chau. Our collection include literature, history, social studies, art books, magazines, zines and picture books, and made in Hong Kong groceries. We organise arts and cultural events occasionally.

Join to-day bookstore for: 

Inter-Island Festival Tour : Living by the sea


Ark Eden

Nested in Mui Wo's verdant foothills, Ark Eden is a registered charity committed to environmental education and permaculture. Since 2006, it has pursued sustainable solutions for environmental and social issues. Through immersive camps, workshops, wellness experiences, and eco-restoration projects, Ark Eden fosters a deep connection with nature while tackling urgent ecological concerns.

Visit Ark Eden during:


Brian Wong @ Liber Research Community

Brian Wong @ Liber Research Community Brian is a researcher at Liber Research Community since 2017. Studied geography and public policy, Brian is interested in research projects that can help advocate for a more just and equitable urban and rural development of Hong Kong. 

Since 2018, Liber Research Community, together with many other NGOs and green groups in Hong Kong, invited the community of Hong Kong to rethink the impacts of the Tomorrow Lantau Vision through rigorous and engaging research, as the Government pushed forward this highly controversial project. In early 2023, Liber, together with Greenpeace East Asia, published the research report “Uncertain fates- A study of problems faced by reclamation megaprojects worldwide”. The report has documented many failed artificial island projects overseas that have similarities to the Tomorrow Lantau Project. The rosy pictures about the failed project before commencement, as documented in the report, has helped to inspire the current project.

Brian co-created: AI (Artificial Islands)

And you can meet him at: Navigating Utopia



“Celestial 天上” are a Hong Kong based collective who have performed, made videos and produced nine albums of Asian Soundscapes since 1996. 

Conceived by producer Peter Millward, the music has evolved from Chill/Ambient Down-Tempo through full-on Reggae/Dub to Filmatic Soundscapes - but always incorporating a fusion of Pan-Asian traditional musical elements against an electro-symphonic backing, with sound-effects and random voice recordings floating in and out. 

Celestial 天上 will perform at:


Cindy Tai & Xoey

Cindy Tai: I moved to Peng Chau with husband, Sam Tse (a comic artist) 1 year ago. We lived in a space, WELL WELL WELL located on the main street Wing On Street. We are exploring the documentation of Peng Chau culture through various art forms. 

Xoey: A 1-year-old black Mongrel girl, curious and a bit active. She was adopted by Peng Chau home since 6-week old. Although she walks along the harbor front 2-3 times a day, there is still something new for her to explore every day!

Meet Cindy and Xoey at:

Join our furry friends on their Peng Chau adventures


Daphne Wong

Daphne Wong graduated from Falmouth University with a BA (Hons) in Marine and Natural History Photography. She is an award-winning wildlife photographer and filmmaker from Hong Kong committed to telling stories of natural wonders and their conservation. 

Daphne directed and filmed the first wildlife documentary series in Hong Kong, ''Biodiversity in HK'', produced by Radio Television Hong Kong. In 2020, she co-founded Frigatefilms, Hong Kong's first natural history film production company, providing services in filmmaking and photography and delivering high-quality content for broadcast, NGOs, corporations, and educational institutions. She has also filmed for BBC's Green Planet. 

She also leads ecotours and wildlife photography workshops for the public and students, aiming to educate the younger generation on conservation and the natural world.

Watch Daphne's 'Sea of Noise' at:

Sea of Noise - Cheung Chau screening

Sea of Noise - Mui Wo screening


Dr. Collier Nogues

Dr Collier Nogues, who enjoys outdoor writing, is the Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is the author of two poetry collections, and her work appears in the 2023 volume Where Else: An International Hong Kong Poetry Anthology (Verve Poetry Press, UK). 

She is experienced in teaching community poetry workshops for adults and school-aged students in Hong Kong and overseas. She has partnered with the Education Bureau to bring creative writing into Hong Kong English classrooms. Her favorite thing to do is write outdoors.

Dr Collier Nogues will host:

Little Objects, Big Skies: An English Poetry Writing Workshop for Everybody


Edwin Chuk Yin-man @Feast on Waste Land

Graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts of Hong Kong Baptist University in 2018. He is one of the founding members of performing art collectives ‘Feast on Waste Land’. Image and theatre art are the media he is currently focusing on.


Departure is my Homecoming


Eva Chan

Eva is a Peng Chau resident, a diving instructor and dog lover.

You will meet Eva at:

Oh Coral!


Fok Chun-wing

Fok Chun-wing is a Landscape Designer living on Peng Chau. Besides Landscape Architecture, he also studied Geography and Space Syntax. He enjoys popular science books and documentaries.

Fok-san co-created: Situating Circatidal


HKU student team led by Otto Heim

HKU Student team: Karen Chan Wing Yin, Alice Chuk Suet Ying, He Chutong, Lily Kwan Pui Chi, Rosa Marie Haslung Meyer, Sanjaya Bharti, Mandy Siu Hiu Man, Claudia Tse Hei Lam, Wong Tsz Yin, Mike Yuen Chit To, with the support of Celestial天上 and soundpocket. This project is supported by the Common Core and the School of English, The University of Hong Kong.

Visit the HKU Student team's installation:

Rhythms of the Inter-Island (Installation)


Island Within Community Hub

Located by the sea, it is a space that connects with nature and helps people access to who they really are. Through yoga, mindfulness, psychology, life aesthetics, and sound healing, we nourish people’s body and mind.

Join & visit:

Envisioning Vision: Co-creating Dream Life with Singing Bowl Experience


Jessie Tam

Jessie Tam (b.1993 in Hong Kong) listens to the unheard voice of unwanted materials. Drawings are significant to her practice where she sews up the gaps between personal memories and life’s realities. Navigating her creative journey abroad, she is now working and living in Manchester, the United Kingdom.


Drifting Fragments on the Sea Shore


Johnny Li

Johnny enjoys calling himself an intrepid zommer! With a degree in journalism, the reporter-turned-photographer is also an expert in city exploration, Japanese Railway as well as Canton Pop, who also finds peace of mind when getting creative with words. Despite his bravery, he feels more comfortable away from the limelight behind the lens; “good wine needs no bush” perfectly depicts him as he swims against the tide in the mainSTREAM. To him, resonance lies beyond prevalence.

Join Johnny for:

Urbex on Cheung Chau


Kiwi Chan

An independent artist and creative producer, whom creations focus on Butoh, experimental theatre, and site-specific dance. Graduated from Inter-cultural studies (MA) of The Hong Kong Chinese University in 2013. Found KIWI & ZENZERO STUDIO in 2018 and established a non-profit arts group STAR & DUST COLLECTIVE ( in 2021, with a commitment to arts project curation and production. 

Recent director’s works included: Our Mountains & Seas 2049 - VR Theatre (2023), Life with Elephant – Community Sound Mapping (2022), A Mind Apart - Immersive Theatre Experience with Virtual Reality (2021), A Capsule of Being - Devising Theatre (2021), Let’s Be Together Arts Festival 2021 Programme: It’s Okay (2021) etc. Butoh-inspired productions included: performance pack/unpack (2023), dance video like a bubble, like a dream (2022), performance Love Elasticity of Demand (2022), dance video  The Loss of the Indigo Child (2021), Solo-presentation Indigo Appetite: The Weird Fishes (2020), Site-specific dance The Wrong Suzie (2018) etc.

Join Kiwi at: 


Law Sze Wing

Law Sze Wing (b.1994 in Hong Kong) grew up on a small island, which is close to nature, with a slow pace of life. Strolling and observing plants are her favourite things to do. She is fascinated by and grateful for everything nature offers.


Drifting Fragments on the Sea Shore


Lorraine Li

Lorraine Li is a Cheung Chau-er who engages in placemaking and community art curation. She shares her everyday observations on the island to her offshore communities on her Instagram page

Join Lorraine for:

Utopia Above the Water


Moremore Goods

‘Moremore Goods’ aims at providing goods that spark pure joy and representing the living attitude of enjoying the moment! “More” is what “touch” sounds like in Cantonese; “Moremore goods” implies the touching of goodness. We hope every can enjoy what life has in store for us and appreciate the goodness of life!

Join Moremore Goods for:

Make your own Asalato - instrument DIY workshop


Ning’s Yard

Ning’s Yard is a center for the healing arts based on sustainable and craftsmanship design. Our mission is to create a holistic space dedicated to embodied practices and spiritual cultivation for collective well-being.

Join Ning's Yard for:

The Handcrafted Space - handmade ceramic tiles and brunch


Paul Chung

Paul is the founder of DOJO design studio. He graduated from the University of Westminster with a master's degree in Architecture. In addition to professional building scale projects, he perseveres in woodwork and installation design. With his design philosophy of finding structure and natural forms in his work, he was commissioned by art festivals and fabricated a series of unique installation art and furniture.

Paul co-created:

Island Synchronisation


Preston Hartwick

Preston Hartwick Preston Hartwick is a multidisciplinary artist who grew up in Hong Kong and has lived on Cheung Chau Island since 2014. He is an active member of the local art scene and has exhibited photographic work and sculptural installations in various exhibitions on the island. In 2021, he published his first photobook, documenting the passage of time on an ever-changing beach landscape below the window of his flat in the infamous neighbourhood of Bela Vista. He is currently working on an ongoing project, Hong Kong Aesthetic, documenting the colours and textures woven into the underlying visual fabric of Hong Kong's built environment.

Preston co-created: AI (Artificial Islands)

And you can meet him at: Navigating Utopia


Sheeta Ng & Wang Wang

Sheeta Ng: I have been living in Peng Chau as an Islander for over 3 years. I have searched different places to find a home that truly belongs to me, and finally, over three years ago, I established a little haven here with Wang Wang. I enjoy taking walks by the sea in Tung Wan and listening to the sound of the waves. 

Wang Wang is a 12-years old dog, who came from the city and moved to Peng Chau. He enjoys walking at harbour front, and beach and thinks he is very adorable.

Meet Sheeta and Wang Wang at:

Join our furry friends on their Peng Chau adventures


Students of Holy Family School

Holy Family School Students: Adam, Alan, Anastasia, Carmen, Carson, Daniel, Rodrigo, Vincent, 卓希, 妍希, Aristotle, Yut Yut, 泓政. The project was supported by the Peng Chau Archive, Islanders and The Good Soil.

Come watch their super-fun shorts at:

Life Recorded: Short Films Screening


Tommy Hui

Tommy Hui is currently a Research Assistant Professor at the Science Unit of Lingnan University. He is an intertidal ecologist with broad interest in behavioural ecology, physiology and biodiversity patterns.

Tommy co-created: Situating Circatidal

and you can follow him during: Peng Chau Rocky Shore Tour


Tully Arnot

Tully Arnot is an artist, educator and creative technologist from Australia. Tully’s artwork explores the effect that contemporary technology has on human relationships, and how we interact with the natural world. As an educator, Tully’s focus has been working with blind audiences, creating tactile and multisensory workshops.

Join Tully at:

Rubbish Regatta


Wing (@sooner___)

Born and raised on Cheung Chau, Wing now works with coffee, through which he hopes to connect with different people.

Join Wing for:

From brook to sea - outdoor coffee sharing



YIWOOO.CO is a bamboo craft brand establish in 2018. Signifying “twice” in Chinese, the name is inspired by the creation process where bamboo strips have to be woven across at least twice for sturdiness. The brand commits to connecting bamboo crafts with modern city life. Works in the fields of handcraft bamboo product, workshop, spatial design and installation. The exhibition has been shown on Crafts on peel, LANDMARK and Blue bottle coffee.

YIWOOO.CO co-created: Island Bee & Bee

And you can meet him at: Island Bee & Bee: Follow Bee! Peng Chau



nanum is an organisation supporting awareness of holistic well-being to HK general public, providing accessible well-being activities and experiences to children and elderly. 

IG: nanum_org

Join nanum for:

Guided Forest Bathing in Mui Wo nature

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