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Welcome on board!
2023.11.4 - 26

The Inter-Island Festival is at berth on all weekends between 4 and 26 November 2023.


In this second edition, the Festival invites you to rejoice on the islands and the inter-island sea that links us all from Cheung Chau, Chi Ma Wan, Mui Wo, to Peng Chau. Hop on the inter-island ferry and contemplate the beauty of our lives in-between the land and the sea! See you on board!

What to see on the coming week-end:

No events at the moment

Works to visit on all week-ends:

  • My path to Peng Chau Cinema
    My path to Peng Chau Cinema
    by Jiming Lu. Peng Chau Cinema, an abandoned space, still full of old chairs and memories.
  • Rhythms of the Inter-Island
    Rhythms of the Inter-Island
    by a HKU student team led by Otto Heim and supported by Celestial天上 and soundpocket. This set of interactive installations is for you to play! Listen or make noise... Does it recall sounds that you hear on the islands?
  • 5+2’s STUDIO の OPENED
    5+2’s STUDIO の OPENED
    by 5+2's STUDIO. Visit 5+2 and dive into her fantastic creative world!
  • Sound Translator - Cheung Chau
    Sound Translator - Cheung Chau
    by So Wai Lam. ‘What are the sounds you usually hear when you are/ were working at sea or on the island?’ ‘What is the sound of the sea?’ Listen to fishermen and other residents of Cheung Chau talk about the sounds they hear or used to hear, when working on the sea. Did you ever notice them?
  • AI (Artificial Islands)
    AI (Artificial Islands)
    by Preston Hartwick, Brian Wong @ Liber Research Community The Kau Yi Chau Artificial Islands are marketed as a utopian project that will ignite economic prosperity, embrace environmental conservation, and support sustainable development. An achievable dream or a fleeting hallucination?
  • 'InTUNE?' Painting, Photography and Sculpture
    'InTUNE?' Painting, Photography and Sculpture
    by Praya Art Space
  • Drifting Fragments on the Sea Shore
    Drifting Fragments on the Sea Shore
    by Law Sze Wing & Jessie Tam. Casual conversations touching on personal memories, imagination and research about islands, crystallising long-lost memories and stories of the islands.
  • Island Bee & Bee
    Island Bee & Bee
    Exact locations on IG: @islandbeenbee
    by Roger Lee, Lantau Shanto Studio, YIWOOO.CO. Did you know solitary bees should be our best friends? Our buzzing neighbours are essential to make our places liveable! This installation provides more houses for them and information for us. Look for them in Mui Wo and Peng Chau!
  • Inner Hearing of Island
    Inner Hearing of Island
    Shop 9, Silverview Centre
    by Brian Lee, Eva Leung. All ears out! Did you hear the buffalo bathing, the Silver River running, or the bulbul chirping? Like a telescope, 'Inner Hearing of Island' will let you listen to specific sounds of our environment, and hear our nonhuman neighbours in their daily lives... So much to hear!
  • S'way
    mobile location, check the link below
    by Cynthia Leung. A hammock or a rocking chair? Inspired by a leaf and a fishing boat, this installation is for you to take a moment of rest and appreciate the soothing sway by the sea. S'way is mobile: bring it to your favorite spot. Then, let others enjoy it too, and carry it around the island...
  • Mui Wo Time Portal
    Mui Wo Time Portal
    Shop 9, Silverview Centre
    by Kanu Fung, Deer Lok, Sonic Lee & Mary Jan. Explore our impact to the natural environment and community through a three-dimensional terrain map, as well as using buildings to illustrate the neighbourly relationship between Mui Wo and its surroundings.
  • Island Synchronisation
    Island Synchronisation
    Shap Long San Tsuen, Hong Kong
    by Paul Chung, Tidus Shing, Leung Ho Wai Ian, Chan Wilson, Anna Li The project proposes an alternative model of islands that promotes mutual benefits by merging a prototype of a hiding habitat for undersea wildlife with a resting place for divers and fishing villagers.
  • Situating Circatidal
    Situating Circatidal
    Peng Chau Cinema
    by Joanne Chan, Fok Chun-wing & Tommy Hui. Discover the incredible story of the rocky-shore residents: sea-snails, chitons, algae,... and how they develop special skills to adapt to the tide tempo to live both on the land AND in the sea.
  • Synchronized Revolution (Exhibition)
    Synchronized Revolution (Exhibition)
    by Dominic Johnson-Hill.
  • A Tango with Kaito - a love triangle between kaito, island and humans
    A Tango with Kaito - a love triangle between kaito, island and humans
    by Island Studies Network (HK). Traditions require three conditions to survive through circles of life: communities, free public space and the resilient local knowledge.
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